The city of the challange

The city of Barletta is known all over the world as the city of Disfida (the challange), named after the war between French and Spanish at the beginning of the XVI century. By the coast, the huge Castle, symbol of Swabian power and all the powers that have succeeded each other over the centuries, preserves the memory of Barletta’s privileged role: place of coronations, promulgation of laws, point of departure of the Crusades and ideal bridge towards the Holy Land, customs headquarters, strategic outpost for Frederick II and then undisputed reign of King Manfredi.

What to visit

Swabian Castle of Barletta

Built by the Normans and redesigned over the centuries by Swabians, Angevins and Aragonese, once a defensive fortress, surrounded by the sea that occupied the moat all around the castle and isolated it from potential enemy attacks, is a strategic point in city life as well as an important urban hub. It is the seat of the Municipal Library, the Civic Museum and a conference room and exhibitions.

Canne della Battaglia Archaeological Park

Situated on the site of an ancient Daunia village, the Canne della Battaglia Archaeological Park safeguards valuable artefacts from the Roman, Paleo-Christian, and Medieval eras. Halfway between Canosa di Puglia and Barletta, the settlement of Canne della Battaglia stands on the hill that dominates the Basso Ofanto Valley, site of the famous battle in 216 b.C., between the Romans and Carthaginians.